My Projects

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The list of my projects.

All the screenshots I'm posting here are tied to some project. Most of them randomly generated by me or by my friends, some may be inspired by any other things. I'll mark them by unique tags, and I also post all of them with a short description on this page.

You can find the full list of all my strange projects ideas here, though be warned: this list contains raw unprocessed thoughts, and may not be understandable by anyone but me.


Tonicdev site clone as a desktop application, giving you clean and cool interactive nodejs GUI repl, allowing you to rapidly prototype applications, draw nice visualizations and see the data in realtime. Ipython-inspired thing.
webpack + react + electron + bootstrap + v8-debugger

Zanzarah - the Hidden Portal

A project to decompile the game executable and to reverse-engineer the format of all game files of a wonderful game: Zanzarah - the hidden portal. The plan is to create the full-featured scene editor and all the converters for game files. All the sources and tools written in coffee.

Oled emulator

An experiment to create a usable and good-looking emulator of electronic device with oled screen and some controls. Written in html5 canvas, in coffee and nwjs, using angular for data binding and processing.js for visual style and drawing stuff.