Oled canvas experiment

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The resulting nw app.

This one started as an experiment. Once upon a time I discovered such a great device as Intel Edison. It’s an Intel Atom - based board for prototyping and developing embedded devices for the internet of things. And I thought that this board is really a great choice for all my smart-house and smart-mesh ideas, much better than various Arduiono or ARM based board, because Edison is really small and full of features.

Right away, I discovered a cool set of Edison extension boards from SparkFun. One of them was a cute board with some buttons and oled screen. And I thought it would be cool to make an emulator for this board, so I can code prototypes of my software in JS and see the result right away.

This one was to become a bycycle computer. It may show some maps, navigation tools, health reports, embedded games, etc. I’ve developed a simple infrastructure for starting/stopping virtual apps, some basic main menu, and a cool app that visualizes the screen and button presses. Technology stack:

coffee + angular + nw + processing.js

Feature showcase
Processing.JS text drawing bug in my code

Future plans:

  • make a full hardware abstraction layer in js, with some user-controlled mocks for GPS, battery, sensors etc
  • make this project more configurable to support different screen sizes, button layouts, etc
  • use it to make prototypes of more devices (smart-house controllers, wearable encryption devices, etc)

Code here: https://github.com/kabbi/oled-node-webkit-emulator.

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